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how much do janitorial services cost

How Much Do Janitorial Services Cost?

If you’re looking to start receiving professional cleaning services or switching to a new janitorial company for the first time in years, you may wonder, “how much do janitorial services cost?” When in the market for commercial cleaning services, it can be tricky to balance your cleaning needs with your budget. While it may be tempting to always go with the lowest-cost option, you should make an educated decision on what professional cleaning services you choose. Office Cleaning Long Beach wants to help you understand the factors that can affect your janitorial services costs so you can make informed decisions.

Size and Layout of Building

One of the most significant influences on the overall cost of your commercial cleaning will be the size and layout of your facilities. Understandably, larger buildings will require more time and effort to clean, leading to a higher cleaning cost. But the layout of the building is also something to consider. If you have very tall ceilings and vents but still would like your air conditioning vents cleaned, this will require use of specialized tools and extra effort, which can increase costs. In addition, if you have outside waiting or lounge areas that require attention, they may require a deeper clean to combat the elements, and will affect your total expense.

Unique Services and Techniques

While specialty construction materials can create a more unique ambiance and memorable aesthetic, they can also require special cleaning techniques. Certain floors like vinyl composite tile (VCT), stone, and marble require extra care to prevent damage and unnecessary wear. Other areas also require closer attention as well, such as wallpaper or specially surfaced counters. The extra training and attention to detail that these surfaces and areas require can increase the cost of your janitorial services.

Contract vs. One-Time Services

Another significant factor that will impact your cleaning total is if you are receiving a one-time service or entering into a contract with a commercial cleaning company. Long-time customers with set cleaning schedules and tasks can arrange a lower total expense because the cleaning company will not need to create a unique plan and timetable with each appointment. If you are hoping to keep costs down, it may be better to enter into an agreement rather than have your building cleaned sporadically as necessary.

Importance of an Accurate Estimate

In order to accurately determine your total cost when working with a janitorial company, you need to receive a customized estimate. A member of the cleaning company should walk through all your requirements and the details of your building and scheduling needs. Often, generalized estimates with very low prices will only focus on the very basic cleaning services and will not cover everything you really need to keep your facilities in the best shape possible. To make an informed decision that fits your budget, you need a personalized quote that is tailored to your exact expectations and wants.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle

Often companies with the lowest prices offer not only the most minimal of services, but unreliable work as well. You should never deal with undertrained and understaffed janitorial companies just to pay a little less. Doing so can lead to subpar cleaning services and improperly maintained facilities that require further maintenance and replacement. To receive the best cleaning services that are still affordable, look no further than Office Cleaning Long Beach. We don’t need to offer gimmick deals to constantly draw in new clients. Our services already well-priced and we’re able to keep our customers with our reliable services. Contact us today to receive your customized estimate.

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